Realty Executives Launches EXEC™University

By: Chad McBain

Realty Executives Launches EXEC™University

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Realty Executives International is excited to announce the launch of its signature agent training program, EXECUniversity. EXECUniversity is a unique training program laser-focused on propelling real estate agents to the next level in their careers, featuring a free, on-demand training library crafted to increase agent efficiency and productivity.

EXECUniversity offers a broad range of training topics, enabling agents to focus on areas they wish to grow and can assist anyone at any level in their career - from new agent to the seasoned agent/advanced sales training, admin training, team training and leadership training. This one-of-a-kind program offers a wide array of proven training content by the founder of Excelleum Coaching and Consulting, Debbie De Grote. EXECUniversity training was developed based on agent feedback and includes the topics of most interest to them, like the following:

 “Agents and Brokers are attracted to a brand that cares about their success and with EXECUniversity, we’re able to deliver proven training resources and create an environment of high-quality professionalism that attracts the best in the industry,” said Realty Executives International Vice President, David Celaya. “By tapping into our network of highly productive and collaborative agents, we continue to gather and package the most successful sales and marketing opportunities, making this valuable content available to our entire Realty Executives family.”

 Another unique feature of the training program is that it collects continuous feedback from Realty Executives’ network of highly successful agents to continuously identify new sales and marketing tactics and incorporate it into the training. “I believe the brokers and Executives will be impressed and thrilled,” said Carl Young, Broker/Owner of Realty Executives Sudbury, Ontario. “EXECUniversity is a tremendous added value. I have not seen anything like it from any other real estate company.”

 The announcement comes just a few months after the opening of the Realty Executives Regional (Ontario & Atlantic Canada) opening of a new state-of-the-art digital training centre..Carole-Anne Schnieder, director of training for the region indicated that the content now available from EXECUniversity will provide meaningful career development for both new and experienced agents.