A Technology Company that Sells Real Estate

By: Chad McBain

A Technology Company that Sells Real Estate

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Unlike most real estate companies that buy their technology from third-party providers, Realty Executives is a technology company that owns a real estate franchise.

Visit the company’s headquarters and you would expect to find a lot of realtors. However, what you find are a lot of technology and computer programmers, who are busy writing the software programs that create that run the various Realty Executives digital platforms.

“We acquired Realty Executives because we liked the history of the company and its long-time commitment to innovation, says president, Patrick Van Den Bossche. It was obvious to us that over the next few years the turbulence that technology has created in other industries would impact real estate. We saw an opportunity for our technology to provide solutions that would meet the oncoming technological changes.”

Realty Executives is now part of the True North group of companies. A multi-national organization that is focused on building and growing companies across multiple industries including healthcare, real estate, entertainment, consumer durables, and aerospace.

Just as companies like Uber, Amazon and other technology-based companies transformed their industries, this is the Kodak moment for real estate. Consumers are being groomed by technology to expect a different set of services. Government regulations are changing to reflect consumer demands and long-held industry barriers are being broken down.

The advent of new technologies has profound implications for those working in the real estate industry. Skills sets that realtors had yesterday are continuously becoming outdated. Innovations require continuous learning to acquire the skill sets needed to compete.

“We have two main goals at Realty Executives,” states Van Den Bossche. “First, to lead the industry in the application of technology. Second, to provide our realtors with the training they require to meet the changing capital landscape.”

As a technology company, our first decision was to bring all of our required technology in-house. As proprietors of our own technology, we control the pace and the quality of the platforms we develop. As well, we can analyze other providers and respond to new developments quickly.

Realty Executives - A “Futuristic Company.”