At Realty Executives Edge, we believe there is a better way to do Real Estate..

.A more valuable, less evasive way where clients are earned rather than convinced. We're obsessively passionate about Real Estate, and our mission is to help people achieve thier real estate dreams. We like to think it's your best bet working with Realty Executives because it's really where the experts are. 


The Realty Executives brand has stood for integrity and quality for more than 50 years. As the tides change in many Canadian markets and throughout the world, the next generation of home buyers and sellers can expect the same level of expertise Realy Executives has long been known form with top producing agents providing the best in cutting-edge, quality service and support to thier clients.

So browse around - whether you're looking for a starter home, a move-up home or an investment property, Realty Executives Edge is focused on meeting your needs and helping you accomplish your real estate goals!


Our Brand is rooted in four key beliefs -- and the people who are a part of this company embody these beliefs. Each of these beliefs drives our content and brand philosophy on a daily basis. Together we're able to integrate this culture throughout the entire company and for each consumer we reach.

Innovative, Entrepreneurial Spirit - Realty Executives is symbolized by an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. As the originators of the 100% commission concept, we have a proven legacy of entrepreneurialism and industry innovation.

Trusted and Effective Advocate - In addition, we have been proven as trusted and effective advocates for customers and Executives alike. We have a non-negotiable value system -- we do the right thing even when no one is looking. The result is a uniquely personalized experience.

Uniquely Personalized Experience - As a brand, and as individuals, we exhibit genuine warmth, caring and individual focus at every point of engagement. And -- since our Executives have entrepreneurial freedom -- they can personalize every transaction and opportunity to provide the best service and result possible.

Connected, Caring Family - The underlying desire to offer exceptional service is born out of a deep-rooted commitment to service. Therefore, at Realty Executives Edge, we are a caring family -- connected to each other through a mutual commitment to Excellence. We're a family business, and real estate is a means to serve others -- as well as ourselves and our own families.